Ugly Produce

King Parrot
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Housecore records
Album Art: 

Be careful when playing this record, The tracks are hard to understand and the track order is messed up wherever you look. do not play more than one song from it at any given time, or you could wind up accidentally playing a song that uses 'Cunt' 'Piss' or 'Arse' that only a few listeners will understand.

Anyway, the album is basically constant pressure until track 6, pace is set by the vocalizations which, while barely interpretable, are modulated to extend certain vowels and shorten others, track 6 is the first noticable use of half and full rests, however, one instrument aside from vocals is always playing. I can say that the album utilizes layered texture, however I cannot say that it is used well, mainly due to the constant pressure of all instruments and the times where others stop the guitar is a cacophony of noise that is pulled from a previously utilized chord. Basically, sometimes they randomly stop playing all instruments and turn the guitars sustain up.

Sounds Like: 
Blood Duster
Sounds Like: 
Cattle Decapitation
Recommended Tracks: 
T2- Because I am fairly sure this one is obscenity free
T5- Because Again, Fairly sure it is obscenity free, It is hard to figure out accented distorted vocals
Matthew Owen
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