#1 Hit Single

Non-Airable Tracks: 
Double Double Whammy
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Cende's new album #1 Hit Single is full of energetic and a mixture of punk like pop songs. All the songs are shorter than the usual of around 3 minutes (the shortest song is 53 seconds) but the album is definitely worth the listen. "Bed" and "Don't Want To" are pretty energetic songs to listen to while "What I Want" is more on the slower side, yet Cende still keeps the upbeat flow in. I personally like "Void" and "While I'm Alive" the best. "Void" is one of the softer songs in the album and "While I'm Alive" has a very motivational beat to it (something I would listen to while studying). I really enjoyed listening to all the songs in the album, and the lyrics are very descriptive and a must to look out for! Looking forward to more of Cende's works.

Sounds Like: 
Dan The Man
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
3. What I Want: Sounds like an old pop song from the 1990's
6. Void: Nostalgic, softer than the rest of the songs in the album
8. While I'm Alive: Catchy!
Joann Kohng
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