Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!

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NONE - its been cleaned (Praise)
Ruby Yacht / The Order Label
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First and foremost, this album is not “radio rap”, it is not simplistic, it is not “feel-good” or trashy  (not that I am bashing trashy or feel good - there is a time and play and I admit that place is pretty great). However this album, is poetry. It is philosophy. As Milo says in ‘Landscaping’ “It don’t feel therapeutic just blabbering about neutered truths” so instead he drops truths like “Debate is Cataclysm” and “for following every rule - all you receive was applause.” This album is a genuine review of an intellectuals perspective and collective emotional intelligence,  on the experience of being human at present, one that contains references to contemporary musical proteges, popular culture rap artists, human and specifically American history, philosophers, and published poets.


     If you wanted to know a bit behind the man making the lyrics, Milo in his mid twenties already has 4 albums released and multiple singles. From Wisconsin, the young vegetarian poet studied Philosophy at St.Norbert College, and has done work or inspired by the work of Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, and Hemlock Ernst. This album features  artists ELUCID, YOUNGAMN, Self Jupiter, Lorde Fredd33, YCP, Beno, Signor Benedick the Moor, and Busdriver. He dropped out of school to pursue music and ended up moving to LA, but due to it being such an unrewarding experience he moved back to Milwaukee and created his own label - Ruby Yacht.


    This album is a call to arms, but more so to voices. “This the last call to all you real MC’s -- your voice is needed.”  Voices aimed at a higher level of social consciousness through layered lyrical depth of thought, one that ideally transcends, not only falling flat on deaf ears but inspires better behavior and questions current social trends.  However if you are not “into” intellectual depth or mental stimulus isn’t “your thing,” you will still enjoy this album tremendously. Seriously, the beats alone are worth listening to. Featuring trumpet and jazzy undertones, they draw out suspense between bars and create a sense of building, a rising ascension. They stick with you until you crave more, I have replayed Track 5 “The Young Man Has a Point” and Track 12 “Yet Another” at least 20 times in the last 5 days for this very reason.


   Oh and also, the content. Over these dope, melodic and memorable beats Milo with his baritone voice, brings to light how things that are perceived psychologically as normal, should  not entitle them to acceptance. The two most poignant examples of this is the idea of capture and the expectations we have for artists. He uses a zoo metaphor to incite skepticism around racism and the New Jim Crow, “.  He questions what popular artists practices of self-branding and what they brag about - literally, he asks his listeners why their favorite rappers are talking about their own brands and why we care, why we should even possibly care because it’s true, we didn’t ask for our admiration to be turned into consumeristic fuel, or did we?  In track 11 ‘IDK’ he proposes his own response “I don’t know my name,” in a rejection of hyperbolic ego brand identity used primarily to sell merchandise and secondarily to promote the artist, living the art itself in last place. Poetically Milo drops imagery like“Cat scratch fever in a feral room,” and “I am Salazar slytherin by the salad bar gigglin” claiming “My vocabulary pays my rent” - a statement backed up,  mean this man even uses the word colitis in place of sex.


     Even the title of all of his tracks seem to be aligned with the work of Cody-Rose Clevedince, a hugely influential contemporary poet whose work is at best frustrating to work through. Other intellectuals referenced include Arthur Schopenhauer, a philosopher, Bukowski and Novakov. He references musicians such as Godspeed you mighty black emperor, Bill Nunn, the Method Man, Thelonious and Jay-Z, not even to put down but to comment on, another refreshing element to his work.


   Signing off of one of his tracks with “Sincerely just another blasphemous philosopher” Milo is pushing the limits of Hip Hop avant garde style. This album is more introspective and more experienced crafted than any of his former work. If you have liked or loved his previous songs, this album will blow you away. I recommend this album and this artist highly, and if I may, I suggest listening to it not only once, but as many times as you can stand. Like a good book, Milos work is so layered you will find a new intrigues with every additional listen. A True Artist.

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Aesop Rock, WHY?, JonWayne, Open Eagle Mike, Busdriver, Nas, YCP Beno, King Krule, YOUNGMAN, and Raury
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Beats sound like Apollo Brown instrumentals
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Honestly all of them but that'll get you started
Ellery Page
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