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You wanna know what we were listening to while we were mingling and seeing the best music of the year? Make a whiskey-ginger (so. much. free. Sailor. Jerrys.), walk through a really crowded area of slow moving people, and listen to these songs. It’s basically the same thing.


The 5 Best Things About SXSW 2014


The 5 Best Things About SXSW 2014

by Shannon Kurlander

1.Ty Segall, The Party Planner

SXSW 2014: TacocaT

Photo by: Melanie Trecha


SXSW 2014- Austin, TX

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Members: Emily Nokes (Vocals), Eric Randull (Guitar), Bree McKenna (Bass), Lelah Maupin (Drums)


by: Shannon Kurlander

The TacocaT tour is fully underway. What are your van soundtracks?

Emily: We have been listening to Miley Cyrus Bangerz a lot. We are also interested in Antwon who is a rapper we are pretty into right now. ILLFIGHTYOU, which is a rap group from Tacoma, Washington.

SXSW 2014: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart


Photo by: Melanie Trecha


SXSW 2014- Austin, TX

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY  

Members: Kip Berman, Drew Citron, Aton Hocheim,


by: Shannon Kurlander

Tell us about your drive to Austin, any great road-trip jams?

SXSW 2014: Pure Bathing Culture


Photo by: Melanie Trecha


SXSW 2014- Austin, TX

Hometown: Portland, OR

Members: Daniel Hindman & Sarah Versprille


by: Shannon Kurlander


How did you get through the drive from Portland to Austin? Are there any road-trip games or soundtracks that aided the journey?

Sarah: We have a game called Yellow Car. Which is when you see a Yellow Car you say it and you get a point.

SXSW 2014: Blouse

Photo by: Melanie Trecha


SXSW 2014- Austin, TX

Hometown: Portland, OR  

Members: Charlie Hilton, Paul Roper, Patrick Adams, Arian Jalali.


by: Shannon Kurlander

Where did you come from to get to SXSW?

Charlie: We drove all the way from Albuquerque for 12 hours, which is what everyone is doing I guess, but it was brutal.


How did you cope with the drive to Austin?

Interview with Goon Bags


A-Top's interview with the trap-music producing group Goon Bags. Goon Bags answered questiona about upcoming projects, upcoming shows, and how they started out.

The link to the interview is

Interview was recorded on 3/9/14 and was on air 3/10/14. 

Goon Bags - 

Alex Topete

Congratulations to our KAMPer of the Week: Alex Topete!


Alex has been our right hand man when it comes to assisting at Mobile DJ performances. He is always excited to learn, provides a great energy at KAMP, and is such a fun DJ on-air. Alex, thank you for all your help and your great spirit. We can't wait to see your journey here at KAMP. 

General Manager,

Shannon Kurlander 

Interview with Pegboard Nerds


Bassline Kickin' Tour- Pegboard Nerds

Pegboard Nerds
Sam Groove
Concert Date: 
Thu, 03/06/2014
Monarch Theater- Phoenix, AZ

Okay, seriously wasn't surprised about this one.

Alexa Rosenblum
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