The Frights Interview & Acoustic Performance

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KAMP Student Radio's own Emily Beiser and Catalina Moores sat down with the members of The Frights to chat and hear them perform acoustic versions of some of their songs! Their latest full-length, You Are Going to Hate This, is out now on Dangerbird.

KAMPer of the Week: Chris Delgado

Chris is both a KAMPer and a reporter at UATV, and he shot an awesome video about our latest KAMP Presents concert at Gary's Place! It's airing soon, so be sure to tune in to UATV and keep an eye on our Facebook page for the link to the video!! 

Tune in every Thursday at 5PM for Chris' show "Classics with Chris"


This week, we’re shining the DJ Spotlight on senior Andrew Boring, one of our newest, but certainly not least, KAMPers. Read on for a glimpse into his well rounded, comprehensive music taste and his blossoming relationship with KAMP.


What’s your favorite KAMP memory?

KAMPers of the Week: Kyle Morris & Sean Li Wong

Our KAMP Presents concert last week was a huge success and Kyle & Sean were gracious enough to lend us their superb photography skills for the event!! Check out all of their pictures on our Facebook page, and take a look at some selections in our photo gallery!

DJ Layla Nicks, aka DJ Nix, is one of the most unique and interesting members of KAMP, and is one of the most knowledgeable voices when it comes to all things hip-hop and R&B. For this week's DJ Spotlight we talked to her about what album she couldn't live without and her radio show, The Power Hour.

What’s your favorite KAMP memory?

milo & SB the Moor at the Scrvtch Shvck

SB the Moor
Young One Era
Jaca Zulu
Jae Tilt
Concert Date: 
Sat, 02/06/2016
Scrvtch Shvck

When I first heard about this concert I was ecstatic; I had seen milo three years prior at Scrappy's (now 191 Toole) and there was a grand total of three people in attendance. While it was crazy to be able to hang out and chop it up with him, I felt like the poor turnout of the show would sour the experience of Tucson. So upon hearing about his show at the Scrvtch Shvck, I was hopeful that the hip hop fans of the city would come out, and I was not disappointed. 

André Pettman

KAMPer of the Week: Jacqui Kientzler

Jacqui is a new KAMPer with one of the most unique programs we have at the station! On her show, "Bringin' It Back", Jacqui plays nothing but vinyl records, and gives listeners an insight on the music, the artist, and its history! Tune in every Tuesday at 9AM and discover some sweet new tunes!

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