KAMPer of the Week: Madelyn Tucker Pawlowski

Madelyn is a beloved KAMPer with one of our best shows, "Is This Rock n Roll For God's Sake?" Unfortunately, the grad school life is a hectic one, and her radio program has been placed on an indefinite hiatus. Hopefully it will grace the airwaves once again, but in the mean time we will mourn its loss and wish for its return like our favorite 90s band.

Here's to you Madelyn, we love and miss you dearly!!!



Interview with Soren Bryce

Interviewer (Hannah Isaac, KAMP radio) in italics, artist (Soren Bryce) in normal text. 


Okay, so, first of all, welcome to Tucson! It's really nice to meet you.

Yeah, in person!

I got your EP my first week of being in the radio station. The guy who was presenting it got it in his mailbox and was like, "Oh yeah, this is kind of a cool looking album!" So I grabbed it an you followed me back on Twitter, and that was cool. 

Is that your major? Radio?

This Week's Top 10

Album Art Album Artist
V Wavves
Firekid Firekid
Embrace Armin van Buuren
Back On Top The Front Bottoms
That's the Spirit Bring Me The Horizon
Rooms Heat
A Blood Clot Ejaculation The Dark Prison Massacre
Crosswords Panda Bear
Dark Night Sweet Light Hermitude