This Week's Top 10

Album Art Album Artist
Brill Bruisers The New Pornographers
Manipulator Ty Segall
Listen The Kooks
Television Man Naomi Punk
The Golden Echo Kimbra
Ritual in Repeat Tennis
Shurpedelic Slipping Into Darkness
After the End Merchandise
R.I.P. Blackedout Blackedout
CLPPNG clipping


KAMPer of the Week -- Caitlin Brenton!!

A big CONGRATZ to our lovely KAMPer of the Week, Caitlin Brenton! Last week Caitlin had the most listens of anyone ALL WEEK for her show, The Vortex!! If you aren't listening, you must be missing out, so check it out Mondays from 8-9 PM! Caitlin's been super involved in KAMP since she first started, and we love having her around. Awesome job girl!


Art Gates

This was an interesting listen by the relatively new Spanish metal band Noctem. They impliment all sorts of metal styles on this album, even going as far as to change it up on each individual song. The guitars are pretty much consistantly brutal and dark for the entirety of the album, and the drums are super fast at a noticable number of  occasions. This may give the implication of a death or thrash metal record, but many of the songs contain intros spoken in latin, and melodic acoustic bits hidden throughout the album.

Sounds Like: 
Zach Germano
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