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Mr Noah Panda Bear
Rare Creatures Static People
This Is All Yours alt-J
Go Wolf Go Wolf
while (1<2) deadmau5
Evergreen Broods
Our Love Caribou
Wonder Where We Land SBTRKT
Electroshock Death Grip Black Taxi
STN MTN Childish Gambino


KAMPer of the Week -- Dominic Medina!!

A big congratz to our KAMPer of the week, Dominic!! Dominic is an awesome part of the mobile DJ team, as he makes and plays his own mixes. Dominic is a super involved member of KAMP as well, doing tons of CD reviews in every genre, and is a constant smiling face around KAMP. We're so glad you joined us this year! Check out his show, Trap Hippy Trippy House, Tuesdays at 7 PM if you wanna get down!

The Theory of Everything

Jóhann Jóhannsson
Backlot Music

After listening to what feels like an overwhelming amount of Hans Zimmer movie scores recently (cough cough, Interstellar), this quaint soundtrack for the film The Theory of Everything, by Jóhann Jóhannsson, is a breath of fresh air. This movie is less about Stephen Hawking’s career and scientific discoveries, and more about the romantic story of he and his wife, Jane. You can definitely see that the score was treated as such—so don’t pop this in expecting an epic soundscape.

Sounds Like: 
Dario Marianelli
Sounds Like: 
More contemporary take on baroque chamber music
Jessie marman
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