YOOOOO, MY GUYS. It me, Alessandra your RPM/Electronic Music Director here to give you the MOST FIRE list of shows coming to Tucson and Phoenix this summer (June- August). You are not going to believe what Relentless Beats has in store for us this season! So…prepare yourself…because it is about to get LIT in here!!!!!!



‚ÄčThis week's DJ Spotlight is DJ Boosie Doosie 2, AKA Betty Yu! Learn more about this creative DJ below!
King Parrot
Housecore records

Be careful when playing this record, The tracks are hard to understand and the track order is messed up wherever you look. do not play more than one song from it at any given time, or you could wind up accidentally playing a song that uses 'Cunt' 'Piss' or 'Arse' that only a few listeners will understand.

Sounds Like: 
Blood Duster
Sounds Like: 
Cattle Decapitation
Matthew Owen
Date Reviewed: 

This Week's Top 10

Album Art Album Artist
Okovi Zola Jesus
A Deeper Understanding The War On Drugs
Go Farther In Lightness Gang of Youths
Relaxer alt-J
Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! Milo
#1 Hit Single Cende
"Cartoons" Hollow Everdaze
I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone Chastity Belt
Dear Desolation Thy Art is Murder
Drifter Hippie Sabotage

Gem and Jam 2017

The Floozies
G. Jones
The Motet
Concert Date: 
Thu, 02/02/2017
Pima County Fairgrounds

Fifty years ago, the Grateful Dead released their eponymous debut album, and tens of thousands of hippies converged on the Haight-Asbury neighborhood in San Francisco for what would become known as the Summer of Love. The United States was embroiled in the Vietnam War and one of the biggest riots in history over the course of five days in Detroit. I have been thinking a lot about the role of music and festivals in our current society, and the role of music in escapism.

Will Fotter

Kamp Interviews Divided Minds, Static Fiction, and Society Falls!

Divided Minds, Static Fiction, and Society Falls played a show at the University of Arizona as part of their Rock the Campus tour. KAMP DJ Taylor Brestel interviewed them about their music, tour experiences, and what they'd be doing if they were not playing music. Click the links and check it out!

Society Falls Interview